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Download And Install Whatsapp On UnSupported S40 Java Phones Like Nokia Asha 200, 205, 2700

Last updated on June 30th, 2018,

In as much as the era of using S40 Java or Symbian phones is gradually coming to an end, it has come to my notice that most users still face issues with having to download and use whatsapp on their Java Phones.

Android, iOS and Blackberry are basically the well-known Mobile Operating system in this current age. Android devices and blackberry devices are getting more affordable by the day.

While that is true, it wouldn’t be nice to close the doors to those who are still rocking their S40 Java phones or S60 Symbian phones.

It has come to my notice that such users are having a hard time using whatsapp messenger on their S40 java phones like Asha 200, 205 and Nokia 2700.

There are loads of tutorials on the internet to aid them in fixing this but this tutorial isn’t available on this blog before now and it’s for this very reason, I’d like to proffer a solution.

download, install, use whatsapp on S40 Java Phones

Requirements To Downloading Whatsapp Messenger On UnSupported S40 Java Nokia Phones

Just before we go into the tutorial proper, I just want to lay out the basic things you should have in place in other to make the process faster.

1. Have access to a computer (A mobile phone can be used but its easier using a computer first).

2. Download these two files; Click here to download the first, Download the second here. Don’t Open the files after downloading

3. Have Over 10MB data on your SIM Card

4. Nokia Asha phone users should have the two sim card slots occupied wit sim.

Installing Whatsapp On Supported Java S40 Phones

Step #1. First and foremost, copy those two downloaded files to a folder on your memory card and rename the whatsapp_jar to Whatsapp.jar and Whatsapp_jad to Whatsapp.jar.

Step #2. When the memory card is placed back to your phone, copy the applications to your My Apps Or Games.

Step #3. Navigate back to both files on the memory card and choose to delete them both.

Step #4. Now navigate to the whatsapp application on your phone, press the option button and press ‘Update Version’. Wait till the updating process is completed. After the updating process is completed, you can choose to open.

Step #5. You should get a message stating ‘get updating notification enabler‘. Let that load. It should fail and you should get an error saying Phone not supported. Don’t panic. Close the app and your whatsapp is fully installed and working.

Step #6. Navigate back to the whatsapp application on the phone and launch it. It should work fine.

Possible Problems When Installing Whatsapp On Nokia Asha 200, 205, 2700

Although the above instructions works very well, there are chances of you facing errors and based on that, I’d like to state some of the error you MAY encounter and the solution.

1. If after following the app instruction and you still get an error, simply do a factory reset on your Nokia Asha Phone. When done, Open your browser and update the new Nokia XPress. When done, start the whole installing process again.

2. Nokia Asha Users, Please make sure you have two SIM Cards in the phone before commencing on the process. However, please be aware that you will be needing just one of the SIM to access the internet. The second sim is just like a figure-head.

Please follow the above instructions squarely and you should have Whatsapp Messenger App working very well on your supported S40 Java Phones.

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  • Hello friend i am rayhan my device nokia 201 is provlem in java more connecting application in my memory .movile connection is provlem data updet verson

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  • I m getting the following error; Could not connect to server: Error occurred whilst opening connection. So please help with the solution. Thank you

  • Hi Sam,I have trouble downloading and installing whatsapp on my java phone.What should i do?An answer from you will be of huge help.

  • I’m using nokia 2700 and i want to install whatsapp on my phone. But when i clicked the link to download the first file and the second one, it leads to a blank page. Please help me. I’m using uc browser for downloading these files.

  • Incompatible resolution in nokia 111..its running though u cant really figure anything out coz the screen is distorted

  • Sir i m using asha 202 and whatsapp is instaled cnviniently..but is shows eror while fav setup..it say that ‘fav setup fail netwrk cnditn do not alow contact refresh..plz make sure that u r connected to ur mobile data..now some says that ths is because i dnt hve any sim in my secnd slot..wel my secnd sim slot is not wrkng..cn u plz help me.plz tel me wat to do..

  • earlier i cud use whatsapp in my asha 200 bt sinc yesterday i am nt able 2 use it…. its showing error as “could not connect to server. error occured whilst opening connection” plz help me fix this!

  • Am using the phone’s latest filmware, d phone is not on the supported list buh I ws thinki I cud hv a way around as I hv searched d internet 4 a solution buh found non,now I think I hv 2 jst accept d fact dat it can’t use whatsapp

    • Okay, stay with us sir. We will try and see if there is a means to making it work and if there is, we will post it here for you.

  • Am using the phone’s latest software, d phone is not on the supported list buh I ws thinki I cud hv a way around as I hv searched d internet 4 a solution buh found non,now I think I hv 2 jst accept d fact dat it can’t use whatsapp

  • yep dats d problem wit d messager on e65 phone’ don’t knw how it cud be fixed n I even upgraded my phone to d latest software version.

  • i do hv problem qetting d app to work on d fone, am always qetting thz error message that my phone is too old and wudnt be able to run d app..plz help out

  • i dont knw if thiz procedure can work on symbian fones, am using a nokia e65, inbtwn d links u provided to download the apps is not working properly

    • Hello Ben, you shouldn’t have issues with using whatsapp on your Nokia E65. Just simply download from the Nokia store app on your phone.