Android Users : Do This To Easily Unbrick Your Device When Bricked

In subsequent posts, I will be writing on how to change android IMEI to Blackberry IMEI and perhaps, changing an android brand imei to another brand IMEI in other to enjoy certain features programmed to only work on those devices.

Now, in the process of changing an android phone IMEI, there are chances that the device could be bricked. Please don’t get me wrong. I am not in any way saying the android device will be bricked but there are ‘chances’ that this could happen.

Now, our motive here is to easily unbrick our devices when the unexpected happens.

It won’t be funny if a user buys a new infinix zero, tecno android or any other android phone and gets it bricked in a week without being able to fix it.

And it’s no longer news that rooting or trying to change an android imei voids the warranty that comes with your phone.

do this to easily unbrick android phone when bricked

Now, with the few writings above, I know you are probably scared in regards changing your android imei but you shouldn’t be. This posts tells you what to do in other to be able to quickly unbrick your android device if it gets bricked.

2 Things To Do To Easily Unbrick Your Android Phone

Keep USB Debugging Mode Enabled

This feature is present on all android phone and is turned off by default.

I am not advising you keep it on every time but do turn it on whenever you want to perform any technical function on your phone like rooting, changing imei, updating firmware or sorts.

Doing that will help you unbrick it if something bad happens.

How To Enable USB Debugging Mode?

Depending on which android device you use, navigate to settings, application or developer options and choose to enable usb debugging mode.

Android 4.2 users would have to go to settings, about phone, tap severally on the build number and follow the on-screen instruction.

Make A Nandroid BackUP

Another thing to do before making technical changes to your android phone, is taking a nandroid backup.

For the benefit of those who would want to know what this entails, a nandroid backup is a full backup of your Android phone which you can restore anytime to bring it back to the initial stage it was during the course of the backup.

In other to make a nandroid backup of your device, you need to have a custom recovery kernel installed like clockworkmod or TWRP.

Now, making a backup to your phone internal memory or SD Card is highly recommended. However, saving a copy to your computer hard-disk or another saver memory is also highly recommended for cases of in-casity.

Another thing to add to these points is never to install or flash your android device with software, kernels or custom roms not programmed for your android phone.

You should make proper inquiries and even read users comments before proceeding with any. The cheapest android phone in the market based on my research is MTN android smart phone which goes for 8000 Naira. That’s some SSCE teachers two month salary in Nigeria.

Point is, be careful. Take note of the above so avoid your android phone and getting stranded.

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